How to keep the family entertained while on vacation

Many families get together for the holidays and have to find a way to keep everyone entertained. If you’re having a holiday meal or looking for ways to keep the family entertained while you’re at home, you need to read on.

Below is a list of the best ways to keep the family entertained while on vacation. These tips will definitely help you make your family happy and comfortable when you are home during the holiday season.

Host a Cook-Off

Gather the supplies and ingredients so that each member of your family has something fun to cook during your vacation gathering. You can take turns cooking the rest of the family member, while the others vote for the one you like. At the end of the Fan Cooking Vacation, you can collect votes to see who wins.

Consider Family Needs

You may have family members with allergies or sensory issues. Be sure to consider the different needs of each family member. This will ensure everyone has a fabulous time to be back home for the holidays.

You can ask family members if they have any requests or needs that they can accommodate you before attending the vacation.

Consider getting some gift cards to be the first, second and third place winners to make holiday cooking more fun!

Make a Comfy Spot

Make sure everyone in the family has a comfortable place to sleep. You can create an indoor camping area for children and adults. Create a uniquely furnished guest room that will welcome your guests this holiday season.

The key is to give each member of your family somewhere private and comfortable enough to relax after a busy day.

Plan Activities

The number one way to keep the family entertained while on vacation is to plan activities. You can use children’s games and adult movies. Consider hosting an adult party with drinks, movies, or music after the kids are in bed.

Create a craft table to entertain the kids, while the adults cook meals or take care of other aspects of the holiday gathering.

Here are some of our creative ideas to help keep your family entertained while on vacation. You can easily use our tips attached to these unique plans to make sure every family member has a festive and happy time in your home this holiday season.