Achievements You Can Expect For Your 16-18-Month-Old

First-time parents are always more stressed about milestones than anything else. If you are about to reach the age of two and a half years of your child’s life, get ready for full speed. Make sure you are excited to continue with your new running baby, as this is the stage where you can expect crawling, walking, hiding, catching, and yes – running. This is when they start figuring out how to make their own diapers, so get ready for the little rascal at home!

What To Expect From Your 16-18 Month Old

An exciting part of looking forward to knowing your child is that their personality seems to shine and you form a fairly strong Relation to know each other better every month. So what goals should you look for between 16 and 18 months?


You may begin to realize that at this point, your baby is not growing very well. You are used to your baby’s continuous growth, but now that they are learning to walk, growth slows down. According to the World Health Organization, a toddler weighs 21.6 kg for baby girls. To 23.4 kg and for baby boys 23.2 to 24.1 kg.

Growth May Start To Slow Down At This Age


How much should your child eat? Is this food strike normal? Yes, it is. This happens when children really like it, and it is a normal (but frustrating) part of their development. They are also getting better at understanding how much food they need.

How Much Food Should They Be Eating?

So what is the normal amount? Toddlers need, give or take about 1000 calories per day. You can divide them into two meals and one snack during the day. At this point, you’ve probably started experimenting with solid foods. Fruits and vegetables are always good options, and you can try both finely chopped or mashed ones. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the toddler’s share is about 1/4 of the adult’s.


Luckily, you get a break and are finally able to sleep through the night. Although you may still feel completely tired, it is important for your toddler to get 11 to 14 hours of sleep. They should have about 2-hours of sleep a day. Try to avoid sleep time after 4pm, as it can interfere with their nighttime sleep schedule.

11-14 Hours Of Sleep Is Critical


While most people between the ages of 16 and 18 have started walking, many walk at this point. They will probably be learning how to walk up the steps and how to get a new sense of freedom through their newly acquired mobility skills. It is always smart to make sure your home is completely baby proof.

This Is When They Start Exploring The World


At this point, many toddlers have picked up at least several words, some of which are 10 to 15 words long. At this age the rate of learning new words averages up to about two new words per month, but as they get closer to 18 months, it can increase by 10 words a day!

This Is When Talking Ramps Up

As they continue to develop the language, their chat power will increase and they can also display their sense of independence by becoming a little bosier. This is when you say “No!” A lot can start hearing the word, so be prepared.