5 Things We Must Do To Beat This Pandemic!

Many of us, to some extent, are looking – too – for something, which comes close, what, what we consider normal! A year later, in the face of this terrible epidemic, we hope and pray for the establishment of meaningful resolution and restoration, as we move into a safe (and therefore) audience, participating in inner activities and exterior. , Once again – enjoy many types of events, etc. the message, Guilty and complaining and tried over and over again – on doubt, intensity and fear! If, however, we hope to move forward, to be safe, healthy, and close to what we consider to be, in general, there are many things each of us should do and commit to continue! To beat this epidemic, there are at least 5 things to do! With that in mind, this article, in short, to examine, test, examine and discuss, this and why, we must bring – as a team, as a party, working together, to restore public health and well-being.

1. Keep wearing a mask

Why is wearing masks such a big deal? Almost all medical professionals and public health experts claim that the virus is mainly aerated and spread, this way! For this reason, the best way to ensure that fewer people are exposed is to commit to wearing masks! However, the United States, our daily, about 5 times, vaccinate our citizens, until / the rest, until – more, until individuals are vaccinated, we will not be able to ‘reach this level. Crowd immunity, making it safe, to move forward, under certain conditions (indoors, and when, we can’t maintain, at least, six feet, social distancing, barrier)! It shouldn’t be a political issue and has nothing to do with freedoms, but, in a good way, it is a public health policy/suggestion!

2. Wash hands

Hand washing, frequent and using hand sanitizer, is an effective safety measure! By doing this regularly, protect yourself and others!

3. Social distance

At least – the feet, maintain barriers, of course, you will reduce the risk of infection! When we see that some people, hanging out in the crowd, etc., they are not only in danger for their own well-being but also everyone, they can come into contact.

4. Get vaccinated

As long as you are one of the few people with legitimate health concerns, getting the vaccine should be both common sense and social responsibility, soon you are eligible and can get an appointment. When, at least, more than 60%, but, better, if, closer to 70% and so on, their vaccines are found sooner, we will be able to restore our society and our life, or more – the general set of conditions, Etc!

5. Be patient/ vigilant

Nevertheless, the availability of vaccines, and the proof of their effectiveness, gives hope for the tunnel, the light – in – the end – it is more than ever necessary for people to remain patient, follow the instructions of the experts, and stay alert., At least – until we get there, herd immunity, depending on the number of people, vaccination!

Wake up, America, and take your personal responsibility, to help, all -vaincre-nous, cette épidémie mortelle! C’est la seule façon, nous allons aborder quelque chose que nous rencontrons habituellement!